Wednesday, December 31, 2008

We Made It

I have been dying to get the kids out to see the lights downtown.  We took the trax downtown, had dinner at The Dodo and rode the trax back.  It was perfect.

Christmas Favorites

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Eve - Eve

My mom wanted to throw a Christmas Party for my girls. We decorate cookies every year with our good friends, the Bithells, on Christmas Eve so my mom had the party on Tuesday night. So cute. The girls were in heaven. We had dinner, dessert, and about 40 games of Santa Bingo.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Really? Really??

Can this honestly be happening?  Can my "baby" really be getting too big for Santa's lap.  I don't like that.
                                                                Téa, age 3

                                                      Téa, age 16.  I mean, 7.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Change of Plans. Good.

The other day Ben and I had a babysitter lined up so we could wrap up our Christmas loose ends.  The weather had other plans. That night was the most fun the girls and I have had in a long time.  Here's to being snowed in.  
Me, Téa and Popeye.  We started painting ornaments and ended up painting every paper plate in the house.
Edie came down after her nap for a "paintbrush snack." Delicious.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Stages of Grieving

In college I took a class where we studied The 5 Stages of Grief.  That knowledge has come in handy when introducing vegetables to my children. Eden started the process and successfully followed through all of the necessary steps to be at peace with her new diet. 

The vegetable in question was green beans.  She, of course, started her "session" in (1) DENIAL. Even though her rice cereal was suddenly green, she decided to believe it was still the same old rice cereal; oh but no.  The following 15 minutes ran its course as expected.  





We will follow the same plan next week when we move on to peas.  But I expect her to move through the process much quicker next time.  I am so proud.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

So, I guess it's Game On.

Here's the deal.  We had a "Dance-Off" over Thanksgiving at my sister's house.  All of the couples had to do a dance routine (please note: none of us dance -well, Amy can kick, but that is where it ends with us) So, we all had to do routines and no one knew anything until they came out for their song.  We called this a "safe-zone" where no video was taken and promises that no blogging would occur with these photos.  Well, since Josie posted her photos on her blog, I consider them fair game.  So, here they are. . . along with some other Thanksgiving pictures.

Josie and Justin danced to Mowtownphilly by Boys II Men.  I'm pretty sure I cried through the entire thing.  You have never seen anything funnier in your life.  It went on for like 5 minutes! And Justin never broke.  Not once.  I will be driving and just start laughing thinking of them doing this routine.

Ben and I wowed the audience with the finale scene of High School Musical 3.  I still laugh at the memory of us standing in the kitchen a few Sundays ago practicing "We're All in this Together" while our girls were sleeping.   

Soak it in people.  Soak. It. In.  Because this is the one and only time you will ever see Ben with a popped collar and a cocked hat. Yes, he put this on, and yes, he really must love me and my family.  Enjoy.

Here is evidence of Amy's kicking. Impressive, I know.  And yes, this was during a kick competition.  

Monday, December 01, 2008


I really have a lot to be thankful for.  First and foremost, my family.  That was made so clear this past weekend when all 5 of us siblings stayed together, with our families, at Megan's house for the holiday.  We love each other, our kids love each other and I am honestly blessed.  
Literally hundreds of pictures were taken in a matter of days.  About 4 of them were taken by me.  All of the rest were taken by Amy and Jake.  Amy posted some of her and Jake's photos on her blog.  So let's be honest and just have you link over to her site.  It's all laid out for you there.  So, off you go.