Friday, July 27, 2007


So Tay starts kindergarten next week. Obviously THE backpack is a big topic of discussion for her. She says "Mom. I want a black backpack, or a dark dark dark dark dark blue one. I don't want a dumb BABY backpack. No way do I want a Cinderella or Ariel one. Those are for babies."
Awesome. Whatever.
So I took her today for the big choosing day. She looks at tons of options with little interest. A lot of cool black ones. When suddenly I hear a screeching 5-year-old voice yell "STOOOOOP!"
Oh wow. She somehow found the shiniest, girliest, fluffiest, ugliest backpack along the 80 foot wall. . .and it was love.
So here's to bad design and one very happy, unknowingly-girly kindergartener.
By the way, that is the actual backpack, in all of its luminescent glory.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

An Idaho 4th

We headed to Idaho for the 4th. We spent almost an entire week there. Ben's entire family was there and all 18 of us stayed together. It was a great time. I have been seriously blessed with great in-laws. Everyone gets along and we all just have a good time.

Emily made all of the kids these shirts. They were all so so cute. We all went down to the parade together.

Avery just froze when the tanks went by.

We had family portraits taken Thursday night in the gardens. It was 8pm and we were all STILL roasting!

Our sad, sad attempt at taking a picture of ourselves. Maybe someday. . .

The last two days of the trip, us girls took off to Sun Valley for some shopping and relaxing (pictures to follow). The boys were great and took care of the kids. So off they went to the Demolition Derby. They did great. The kids were alive. Dirty, but alive. When we got back, I just wanted a bowl of cereal. There was no milk in the fridge so I put the cereal box back and Ben said, "No no. There's milk right there." It was a can of watered down evaporated milk. So, as I said, the kids were dirty but alive. . . and apparently well fed.