Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Oh, Sweet Téa. I had no idea you could break a little heart so quickly. That little snake I found in our house turned out to be "Crystal, the Best Snake in the Whole World." (Yes, Crystal) Anyway, the girls woke up and I brought them the snake. Well, that was the beginning of the end for little Tay. She fell in love immediately. Long story short, after some major explaining that snakes hate tupperware and love dirt, bugs, and water, I convinced Téa that if she loved Crystal, she would let her go. Luckily, we were going to Hobble Creek that afternoon. So, off we went with Crystal "safely" on Téa's lap the whole way. We found a nice new home by the creek and she let the snake go. She took it hard. I didn't give a rip about that snake, but I totally teared up when she was crying "Goodbye Crystal" as it took off down the hillside. She was torn up. But as you can see in the photo, a box of donut holes and some self-requested quiet time took care of the wounds.


Well, the list is not very long. No, not long at all.
There are only two actually.
First and foremost is Jack Black. Need I explain? Is it not obvious?
Ben is fully aware of this. And he knows that if Jack came knocking, I'd be walking.
This doesn't hurt Ben's feelings. No, he understands.
Now my sister Amy, well, we've got a problem. She would walk away from cute Jon for none other than the one-piece-studded-jumpsuit wearing, 75-year-old senior citizen-ing, Sweet-Caroline-singing NEIL DIAMOND!!!!
I think I just outted her. (We did go to his concert on New Year's Eve 1998 and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it)
Oh, and my other? Nate Berkus. Yes, I know....but we could work around that.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Yah - Another one.
Yes, in my house.
Yah, Ben was gone.
Yes, we kept it.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

ADDICTED...this week

I am addicted to the song SUNDRESS by BEN KWELLER. It is just a passing phase. This happens to me all of the time. I will play and play a song until I'm over it. Well, I'm not over it yet. Forget moderation. And then suddenly...done.
Next week, it will be something else and I'll be completely over SUNDRESS and on to my next one. Love 'em and Leave 'em, right?
By the way, I am only like this with music . . . and Swedish Fish.
That's a problem. I will get some and eat them until I never want to see those little red things again. I swear them off for the rest of my life. That "rest of my life" part is about 2 years. Then it happens again. Oh, and then again.