Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Master Cleanse

Tomorrow is my 10th and final day of my cleanse. Yes I, Briar, have gone 9 days without putting a piece of food in my mouth. Not a grain of rice nor a Cheerio. (I did have to smell the girls' Nilla Wafers and Beth's Cafe Rio taco. That somehow made me feel better.)
Friends have been really cute/funny about it. Almost everyday I will get a call from someone and they will just slowly ask "Soooo, how. are. you???" I know it seems crazy but I have been doing great.
But let me just tell you. . .I feel so so much better!
I decided to do this because I am so dang tired ALL OF THE TIME! I'd get headaches and be irritable at night. I wanted a Diet Coke to just fix it for me.
Well- I decided I was done with that.
I feel great. My head is clear, my stomach doesn't hurt, I get out of bed much quicker, etc. It has been well worth it.
I do have to say, I am nervous coming off it. It will take 3 days to assimilate my body back to the world of food.
Oh, but I am excited. . .just to CHEW something, for crying out loud!
Oh - and - that picture is not of me, nor did I take it. I just love it. Much nicer than a photo of lemons or cayenne pepper - 2 things of which I have consumed mass amounts of for over a week.

Too bad they are so shy. . .

Seriously - my kids. I took this photo about 2 weeks ago. They were so so so loving the outfits they chose for themselves. The layered shirts and added shrug "are so fashion." And Avery's "Sparkle Boots" that will flatten any living thing (plants included) within a 5 mile radius of their smell (they have since taken-up residence in the ba-a-a-ack of her closet until she "unfortunately" ourgrows them).
They fought over who got to have their photo taken first. So - they got it taken together.