Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cruising the Cul-de-sac

I happened to look out the front window to luckily
catch a glimpse of this little beauty just cruising by.

Avery Turns Seven

Avery is my baby. I still call Eden "Avery" on accident because Aves was the little one for over 5 years. She is definitely not little anymore.
Her birthday was a 3-day family event.
It started with a surprise trip to get her ears pierced (something she has BEGGED for for over a year). That was followed by a trip to get her a new bike, a quick pit-stop at Ben and I's friend's art show (which was made fun with a HUGE lollipop and rocking horse) and "front row seats" at the Mayan for dinner and a diving show. The weekend-birthday was capped off with cake and ice cream on Sunday with her cousins.
But being 7 means nothing to me. When she's 70 she will still be "little Aves."

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Me and Edes

The result of keeping Avery company while in the shower.

Keeping Ben company when we visit him at the shop.

For the past eight months, it has just been me and Eden for the majority of the day.
She is my little buddy and we do everything together.
I get the older girls off to school, Eden stands at the door and waves until they are out of sight, then she looks over to me and says "Mommy seat? Mimi? Joosh?" Translation: Come sit with me and watch a cartoon with a sippy of juice.
That is how our day begins. Just the two of us. Everyday.
Our daily routine is in for a big change in the next month.
I get sentimental about the time we have now and admittedly-teary, but that quickly turns to excitement for all of us.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Eden and I had 2 full days home alone together. I didn't feel well and as it turned out, neither did she. After 2 days of her refusing to leave my lap - or stomach - I saw that she had cut 4 teeth all at the same time.
Sweet little thing. . .it was good we had each other.

Super Market Sweep

I had to grab a prescription from the pharmacy.
Eden had to go for a run.
I wasn't feeling well and didn't have the energy to fight her.
So off she and Bebe went -who was "sleeping" in its "bed" by the way - running the aisles in pure bliss.
After about 20 minutes she wore down and I easily scooped her tired body up and out to the car.
I brought her home for a well-deserved nap.
The girls have begged to get a pedicure for a very long time.
Well the day came and I think it was all they had hoped for.
Both girls left with bright blue toes and the biggest smiles I've seen in a long time.