Tuesday, February 27, 2007

OK. So I am not a natural blogger. I will go weeks without thinking about it. Well, I am here to say that I am thinking about it and I am blogging here and now.
I have been busy for awhile. Here is the lowdown on moi. You are sooo stoked right now.

A) Valentine's Day: We did nothing. Nada. BUT - the night before, in honor of it, we decided to treat ourselves to a Ben Kweller concert. Oh wow. He jumped up on stage and my head hurt for a second. . .I SWEAR he is 15. Not a DAY over 16. But he started singing and I knew it was really him, and that is all I cared about. If you refer to a November 2nd entry I made, I was OBSESSED with a song called Sundress. He sang it. I sang it. I was able to "call it good." Happy Valentine's Day to me.
Oh, one note. . .The place was standing room only, way too tight. So I was leaning up against Ben. This guy in front of me kept looking back at me. Like weird staring. So I would just smile back. Like 10 minutes would go by and he would look back again. It kept happening. Driving me nuts! Well. I finally CAUGHT Ben pinching the poor guy's butt. He had been doing it all night LOVING watching me and this guy's weird interaction. Ben stopped, the guy looked back, and I gave him the "wink and head nod." That sealed it. He never looked back again. I would rather him think I was doing it than my husband.

B) Ben turned 30. (Thank you to all who helped with the book!) I had a hard time with him being 30. I can no longer live vicariously through his 20ness.

C) Josie and Charlie came to visit for a week. We loved it. We even took Charlie to Cabela's and the shooting range. Nothing like a mountain filled with taxidermied/dead animals on a cold snowy day. (Utah is a little limited in the winter.) They were up for a wedding, and Jake and I got to go. It was a traditional Samoan wedding. LOVED IT. Honest. It was great. Other people would dance for the couple. Their bodies all greased up and people sticking money to their sticky bodies. (don't ask) We loved it the first 14 times, but when the 15th person got up, Jake and I had to leave.

D) I got snowed in this morning. As of this afternoon, we are living in the Arctic Tundra.

Thursday, February 01, 2007


I can't get enough of Avery. She is Jazmiss (Jasmine) and DEAD serious.