Wednesday, May 30, 2007


We are back. It seems like all we ever talk about is "When we get back from New York, then . . ." whatever. It's like everything hinges on the show and then suddenly. . .we're back. And life goes on. The difference is that Ben is home right now, not at the studio.
We had a great time, who wouldn't. 7 days in New York with no kids never hurt anyone. Ben worked the whole time and Jake apparently followed me around with a camera. But I am grateful he did. We would have NOTHING without him. Plus, he is fun to hang around with. . .

We all followed Ben around Soho for well over an hour looking for his favorite restaurant. It was so good that he couldn't remember the name of the place or the street it was on. I'm impressed, he found it AND I kept my cool.

Ok. I realize it is so weird to post a picture of us in bed, but c'mon, would you please look at that view!! Holy Cow.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Truth Be Told

It's official. We are taking Jake with us to New York!
He came last year (via shuttle from D.C. which dumped him in Chinatown at 4am, landing him in a sleeping bag on the floor of the apartment by the time we woke up).

Why is Jake the lucky winner?, you might ask.
Is it because he comes donning complimentary "drugs" for the redeye flight? Uh, No?
Is it because we need someone who can hail taxis quickly? Convienent, but no.
Is it because he can get me a "rockin deal" on my purses on Canal Street with his fluent Chinese? Pleeease. (Ok, maybe a little)
Is it because we need a personal photographer?
Is it because his 6'5 frame will fit PERFECTLY on the 5 foot couch?
Is it becuase we love him? Close, but actually that is not the reason.
It's because he's a cop.