Wednesday, July 30, 2008

1st grade

Téa started first grade on Tuesday. She has been counting down to this for months. She had Ben walk her to the bus stop and wanted me to be at the school just for that little reassurance. When she saw me in the car, she started to come see me and then decided that would be a little uncool in front of the 5th graders and just kept walking. When she got home and I asked her how her day was she just said, "uh, AMAZING."

I wanted to take her picture in the backyard and promised her the sprinklers wouldn't get her. The amount of trust she has in me just shines through, doesn't it.

These are her "Cheetahs"

Avery didn't do so hot on her kindergarten eye exam a few months ago. Instead of calling out Boat, Cat, Plane and other pictures on the eye chart . . . she just kept saying Dot, Dot, Dot. I couldn't believe it, I had no idea. My heart broke when I realized how bad her eyes were. So, off we went to see our dear friend Kurt, "the Eye Doctor." She was pretty nervous around him until he started talking about playing with Rocco in our backyard. She loosened right up after that. After an hour-long eye exam, Avery came home with a special treat. . . glasses. She loves them and I love her.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Ben Put the Girls to Bed. . .

. . . and whenever he does, the girls claim their pajamas are dirty. . . so that he will let them wear these beauties straight out of his closet.

Friday, July 11, 2008

We've been surrounded by family for the past few weeks.  It has been so nice to have everyone around.  Most of our family lives out of state.

On the 28th, we all got together with Ben's side of the family for fireworks at his uncle's house. 
The 4th of July - 
We had 22 people over at our house last Thursday.  Eleven of them were kids.  We all rented the world's largest waterslide bouncehouse, put it in our backyard, and didn't see the kids for about 5 hours.  Genius.

My oldest sister, Megan.
Avery, Quinn, Elle
Charlie and Avery

Bull Shirt -
Ah yes, my husband.  Megan called about a month ago and "informed" Ben that he would be running a 10k with our family the morning of the 4th of July.  Ben happily agreed, but on one condition.  Pictured below is "the one condition."  Yes, he ran a 10k in jean short cutoffs ("Jorts" as Justin calls them.)  Here he is just as he returned home.
Park City -
We headed up to the golf course in Park City for the fireworks.  

We had a "pool" at my mom's house.  Apparently, if it is a pool, it doesn't matter the size or temperature. . .they are all getting in.

Well - I have not been as long winded as I normally am. That is because I am typing with one hand and Eden-holding in the other. For a more aesthetically pleasing look at our weekend over The Fourth, visit my sister Amy's blog.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Bull Shirt

I bet you'd like an explanation for this, wouldn't you. 
Maybe tomorrow.
And yes,  I am proud to say that is my husband.