Tuesday, August 28, 2007

6th Annual Chili Party and Horse Race

Thank you for another great year at "the races!" We delayed the party 6 months to take advantage of our backyard. I think having everyone squeezed into our house, and up the stairs, got kind of old for everyone involved.
I got some slack for serving chili in August (it's normally in February) but then realized hamburgers are served hot, just like chili, so there. Plus, it's tradition, and if you know me, you know I am an over-the-top sentimental, nostalgic traditionalist (when it comes to these kinds of things). So chili it was!!
The night was perfect and the competition was FIERCE!!! Holy Cow. I wasn't the only one with butterflies when it was my turn. And the group of men off to the side had some serious strategery going with the betting.
Katie N. was not here to reclaim her title. It was up for grabs. And Fancy Pants took the title.

photo credits: Jake West

Thursday, August 23, 2007

A Sword Neck

First of all, awesome picture.
So 3 weeks ago I woke up on Sunday and my left hand was completely numb. My entire left arm was on fire. And my shoulder, well, that was something to cry about. Ben tried to talk me into going to the hospital. Oh please. I thought I was tough enough to ride it out. I was. Until the tears came Monday morning. Well, my good friend's husband is a chiropractor.
Skip to the chase, I ended up in his office within 30 minutes where he tells me I am JACKED. It took 2 days to dry up the tears completely and like 8 visits to stop hurting. I am now a believer.
For about a week I couldn't let the girls hang on me as usual. I told them I had a sore neck. Avery kept telling me she wanted to touch my neck "super softly." It was weird though because she looked so so scared. She would touch me and ask if it hurt and if it was going to bleed. I was confused. She was scared.
Then is all came out. I told her I had a SORE NECK. She heard "SWORD IN MY NECK."
Do they GET any cuter than that little girl? Cute, and very confused.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Tay's first day

Let's be honest here. It was actually MY first day. Téa started kindergarten and I started getting stuff done. I miss her. She has been my little pal for almost 6 years. But she's been so bored lately! And I can only play Barbies and have "Dance Party USA" so many times in a day. As you can see by the blow-by-blow shots of her traveling to her first day of class, she had finally had enough. I had officially become part of the paparazzi. I tried to give her a kiss goodbye, but I had totally blown my chances.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The "BooAFool" Solution

The daycare at the gym requires socks to play inside. Well it's 100 degees outside and my kids are not wearing shoes lately. But heaven-forbid she CARRY the socks into gym. No no. She has to be prepared. So she came running downstairs so so excited. She wanted me to see how "boo-a-fool" her feet looked. She was so thrilled she couldn't stand it . . .and neither could I.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

A little Gypsy Punk never hurt anyone

You know you want it. You do.
Go ahead and download Gorgol Bordello's song "Wonderlust King." It is physically impossible to not dance to it. The song only gets better if you have kids. If you are a really up-tight person you might just do a little head shake to it, but I bet that is considered "dancing" to your up-tight self.
So, spend a dollar, dance a little.
(P.S. His voice totally sounds like someone. No, it's not Borat. I'm thinking it is one of the muppets. Who is it!!)