Monday, September 17, 2007

Seriously, do I check-out Ok???

Today was my first day volunteering at Tea's kindergarten. Ben asked her yesterday if she was excited and she gave this "conditional" shrug. Turns out, she was worried what I was going to look like!
Here's the run down of that one:

>Are you going to look cute, mom?
>>Do I normally look gross???
>Well, sometimes when you come home from the gym.
>>Honey, would I EVER go to your class straight from the gym?
>Maybe, I dunno. But are you going to wear your hair in a piggie, or down?

So, today, I was standing in my closet and I started laughing. I realized I was stressing over what I was going to wear. . .to kindergarten! So dumb. So So dumb. I couldn't help but ask Tay if I looked presentable (for her apparently fashion-forward kindergarten class). She checked under my hair for earrings and then said I looked fine. We took these pictures with my phone at the bus stop right before class today.

I am so in-for-it.


addison & mackenzie's mom said...

Impressive Briar. I can see you used product, round brushed and straight ironed. Very very impressive.

This is Tea at 6, right? Dare we fast forward to 16??

Rachel, et al said...

be very very scared for her teenage years!

Josie said...

You most DEFINITELY check out. Tay is lucky to have such a foxy mom with great chabibes. (just looking for a way to use that word in a sentence.)

Katie said...

Hi Briar,

It's Katie Brown from PV. I found you and Josie "hi Josie" through a friend of a friend of a friend, you get it. I la-la-love both of your blogs and this one made me laugh out loud!

You and Tea are a crack up!

BRIAR said...

katie brown!! how are you? how on the planet did you "find" me? what are you up to?

and josie. . .that was gross. you are never allowed to use that word A G A I N!!

Katie said...

Life is super good! I'm down in So. Cal. with an awesome husband and 3 super fun step-kids. I just started a blog 2 weeks ago -

So here's the long chain of how I found you. If you can't tell I work on the computer all day for my job and get super bored. That's my excuse for my embarassing long link of how I found you and for blog stalking:)

One of my best friends, Angie, is friends with Leslie, sister of Stephanie that Josie is friends with. I doubt Leslie knows me, but I remember her from my ward at BYU. She was always the super cute girl that Angie was friends with.

Katie said...

I wrote my blog name down wrong. Here it is again - it's kind of pathetically empty, but it's a start: