Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Avery and I spent the entire day playing paper dolls and watching Cinderella III. That's because she didn't get to go to school and wasn't allowed to have friends over.

Last night at 9:45pm she woke up crying. I just about passed out when I saw Rocky Balboa's swollen eye on my daughter's face. I was not prepared. It was awful. I called InstaCare and I basically had 9 minutes to find someone to stay at the house (Ben wasn't home) while I drove 85mph to make it before the doctor left at 10pm. It was Pink Eye. On the way home, she was crying because the eye drops "feels like smoke." I told her the drops were good guys going in to kick the bad guy's trash. She said, "Do they have guns? Or are they just kicking them in the stomach?"

That picture was taken today, 18 hours later. It's is looking GOOD at this point. I feel bad for her. And you all can feel bad for me. . .I could not find her little sunglasses ANYWHERE, thwarting my plans to sneak her into the library for a little "excursion." (I'm desperate ok!) Not to mention, I am out of ideas of what my Cinderella doll can say to her Sleeping Beauty doll.


Rachel, et al said...

do you have to sit on her chest, pinning her arms down with your legs to get the drops in? i hated doing that.

Anonymous said...

OH MY. I love the part about the good guys kicking the bad guys in the stomach. So funny. Just get extra drops because the entire family will soon have pink eye (they told you that already right??)


Josie said...

poor little aves! that's actually worse than i pictured must have been ee oss when before the drops.

Anonymous said...

Eye diseases are totally cool! I find myself drawn to them!

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